Secrets of a happy society… and how to lose it.

2 thoughts on “Secrets of a happy society… and how to lose it.”

    1. Yes… my point here, though, is that we need unity instead of division. Recognition of our common purpose(s), not tribes. This is more possible than everyone believing in God and accepting the Gospel, and although both are urgent, unity is more immediately needed, in this sense. Much easier to sell, too 🙂.

      Of course, this history occurred among people who all, at the beginning of the period, believed in and followed Christ. The divisions happened among them, and led to all of this wickedness and suffering.

      So unity is needed both within the Church/among believers, and our communities at large. Among general communities, there are things which can and should unite us, such as nationhood, history, language, and Western values such as the rule of law, relevant freedoms, responsibilities to each other and future generations, etc. The things which keep getting pushed as those which divide us, like gender, ‘race’, history and ancestors, and worldviews/socio-political philosophies, don’t have to. They’re part of the complexity of communities. If the world keeps letting these divide them – believing that they do – those communities will stop working, because the ties which used to bind them are overcome by those divisions.

      We have to choose how we define ourselves collectively. In our differences and separation, or what binds us to each other – to our communal identity and the welfare of others.

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