The profound gift of life

Confession: I’ve been binge-ish-watching a TV series the last couple of weeks, which I’ve obviously become addicted to, with full knowledge! I’ve watched two seasons – the 22-episode kind. I do this, sometimes, with good things. Stories are especially dangerous; they provide such a complete world, with well-drawn characters you can come to love and … Continue reading The profound gift of life

Am I better yet?

I don’t really bother with New Year’s resolutions, but I did read a good article today in that vein, which was less about a new year and more about continual change. It was quite perfect, actually, for me, because I’ve been struggling with something ‘new’ (there’s always something); my weakness in trying to ‘be better’. Which I’ve been doing all my life, and haven’t achieved yet. (Like there’s a point at which I could achieve it – bing! You’re better). Continue reading Am I better yet?