Christmas is more than family

Christmas is overwhelmingly seen, at least where I am, as a time to gather with your immediate and extended family. And while this is a worthy purpose for a holiday that almost everyone observes, it tends to obscure its greater, profound, and universal purpose: salvation for all who will, healing, mercy, love from God for … Continue reading Christmas is more than family

Our Only Hope

Have you ever thought about whether you could have done what our Saviour did in Gethsemane and on the cross? In a Sunday School class earlier this year, while discussing the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we considered questions like, ‘Would you do what the Saviour did? Would you suffer these things for everyone on earth?’ … Continue reading Our Only Hope

Am I better yet?

I don’t really bother with New Year’s resolutions, but I did read a good article today in that vein, which was less about a new year and more about continual change. It was quite perfect, actually, for me, because I’ve been struggling with something ‘new’ (there’s always something); my weakness in trying to ‘be better’. Which I’ve been doing all my life, and haven’t achieved yet. (Like there’s a point at which I could achieve it – bing! You’re better). Continue reading Am I better yet?