Miraculous healings in Christ’s ministry: dealing with envy

Reading the four gospels in the New Testament is always a good experience – the immediacy of Christ’s words; His teachings and actions – it’s wonderful to read and imagine, and so satisfying because of the directness with which He spoke. One of the best things is the miracles recorded, most of them healings. It’s … Continue reading Miraculous healings in Christ’s ministry: dealing with envy

Waiting on the Lord

One of my favourite episodes in the New Testament is when Peter and John come upon a lame beggar who’s been sitting at the gate of the temple (called Beautiful – such a name!) daily for many years, begging from those who entered. The lame beggar was over 40 years old and had spent his … Continue reading Waiting on the Lord


She felt herself inadequate,clumsy, unable to succeed;always making wrong steps, saying wrong things;not being who she wanted to be. “If thou canst do any thing…”,she pleaded with the Lord;and He did every thing:slowly, quietly, in a wayshe couldn’t see. His power and graceseeped down through her lifeand gathered in her soullike water through soil. Her … Continue reading Becoming