Christmas is more than family

Christmas is overwhelmingly seen, at least where I am, as a time to gather with your immediate and extended family. And while this is a worthy purpose for a holiday that almost everyone observes, it tends to obscure its greater, profound, and universal purpose: salvation for all who will, healing, mercy, love from God for … Continue reading Christmas is more than family

The stories we tell

We are all made up of stories. I read a book last year, called The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep. It’s about stories, characters from stories, and how the stories we tell and believe shape us. Although we are, obviously, very real, we are also the stories we tell ourselves – about ourselves and the … Continue reading The stories we tell

Filled with light

I love Section 93 (of The Doctrine and Covenants)! It’s filled with wonderful, ennobling truths. I feel closer to heaven and everything that’s real when I read it. Here are some of the things I caught when I studied it again this year: The core substance in us is intelligence, or the light of truth. … Continue reading Filled with light