Miraculous healings in Christ’s ministry: dealing with envy

Reading the four gospels in the New Testament is always a good experience – the immediacy of Christ’s words; His teachings and actions – it’s wonderful to read and imagine, and so satisfying because of the directness with which He spoke. One of the best things is the miracles recorded, most of them healings. It’s … Continue reading Miraculous healings in Christ’s ministry: dealing with envy

Waiting on the Lord

One of my favourite episodes in the New Testament is when Peter and John come upon a lame beggar who’s been sitting at the gate of the temple (called Beautiful – such a name!) daily for many years, begging from those who entered. The lame beggar was over 40 years old and had spent his … Continue reading Waiting on the Lord

Believing God

I read of Moses contesting God’s calling of him as a prophet and the one to free Israel from Egyptian slavery. Of him continuing to protest after each promise God gives in answer to his concerns – even his hand turning leprous and being healed. Moses only quiets after being given a rod he can … Continue reading Believing God


“The miracles are in fact a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.” Continue reading Miracles


She felt herself inadequate,clumsy, unable to succeed;always making wrong steps, saying wrong things;not being who she wanted to be. “If thou canst do any thing…”,she pleaded with the Lord;and He did every thing:slowly, quietly, in a wayshe couldn’t see. His power and graceseeped down through her lifeand gathered in her soullike water through soil. Her … Continue reading Becoming