More than you know is possible

4 thoughts on “More than you know is possible”

  1. I’m not even LDS and I must say, that is a rather inspiring story (although, if the place was mostly Protestant, I would probably side with you on some of it). More seriously, that is impressive and well done on your missionary work! It puts some of the rest of us to shame.

    1. Thanks, Chivalric Catholic. I guess the hard things make the best stories, in the end. As you’ll see in the link for ‘full-time mission’, most young men in our church do it, and many young women (more now than used to). The age has also been reduced since I went. Not sure how much of a positive impact my work had, in the end, but it was important for me.

      1. Yes, that is good. Harder things always are—because they are more important, and shape a person more than anything. May I ask what you mean by “the age has also been reduced”?

      2. The age for serving missions: young men used to go at 19 (usually between 19 and 20), and young women from 21 (they would tend to have a wider range of ages, but still mostly be low 20s). Now, boys can leave at 18, and girls at 19, and I think most do.

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