Eternal life: the reward of tribulation

3 thoughts on “Eternal life: the reward of tribulation”

  1. Yes, suffering is part of the Christian experience, certainly. Otherwise, why would our Lord have given His life on the cross? Why did the apostles suffer even to martyrdom? This is why I don’t understand how someone could honestly conclude the Prosperity Gospel if they read Scripture.

    1. I think that it’s easy, and perhaps common, still, to consider tribulation exceptional rather than normal. That the sufferings of these apostles was due to their unique position in history and Christ’s church, not something everyone would expect to experience. We have to grow into an understanding of tribulation and difficulty as regular and expected aspects of life; challenges to be learnt from and not evidence of failure to live well. I think you only realise that when you get to an age where you’ve had enough experience to see the patterns.

      What is the ‘Prosperity Gospel’? It sounds a little familiar – perhaps something proposed in modern evangelist ‘big city’ churches that I’ve heard of, where being good in business and prospering financially is considered the reward of accepting Christ. Is that it?

      1. Yes, that makes sense.

        Yes, that is basically what it is. I don’t see how that works unless you’re going to say that Jesus and all of the apostles were pretty great sinners.

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