To have the courage of Adam and Eve

5 thoughts on “To have the courage of Adam and Eve”

  1. I love how you noticed how Adam and Eve gave up more than others could possibly give up, to bear children. Fascinating. Although I feel sorry for people who would choose not to bring children into the world. They miss out on coming as close as they might ever to find the true meaning of life. And to have that opinion in the first place means that they have never known the pure happiness of family life. Children are better off coming to homes who want them, to parents who would live for their children, rather than for themselves, anyway.

    1. Hi Jane – it’s probably true that children are better off with parents who want them. But it’s sad that there are those who put other things – their own things – above that, for the reasons the article mentioned. I’m sure there are other reasons too, which I’m not commenting on because they’re probably very personal. Thanks for commenting about what you’ve discovered about parenthood, too.

  2. Maybe Adam and Eve were bored by themselves in their perfect state, (possibly similar to some wealthy people who have ‘everything’ and yet feel empty) and looked into the future and saw nothing but them and it made sense to have a family…they made a difficult choice yes, but for something they wanted/desired. As Jane mentioned above, those who do not desire children should not be made to feel guilty, and it is possible they would not be good parents anyway. Plenty of people who have children have no right to, given their actions and attitudes towards them. It is a topic very personal and subjective. My husband and I took the plunge into parenthood wihtout really thinking deeply about it, we felt it was something one just does after getting married but this was partly due to our outlook on life stemming from our religious beliefs which not everyone else holds dear. After our first child we really thought deeply about children, and that helped us to pace the arrival of our second child and prepare ourselves much more. Is it possible that to replenish the earth is not for everyone?

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Daisy. I appreciate the differences in those experiences, and it’s up to each person and couple to decide what’s best. I agree that “taking the plunge” into something as big and important as parenthood should be done with real preparation and forethought. The command to replenish the earth doesn’t include rushing into it. But it is a commandment – there weren’t any caveats given. As with other things, I believe that with the help of God, those who feel they might not be good parents can become so. And marriage and parenthood, because they’re ordained of God, have to include Him in order to truly succeed. Enoch thought he was unprepared to be God’s spokesperson because of his perceived weaknesses, but because he had faith and walked hand in hand with God, became a powerful leader. Moses, too. So I think that saying we’re not good enough to do it might become an excuse not to do the difficult thing. But definitely it should take pause and consideration and be entered into willingly.
      About the boredom thing – I’m pretty sure that wasn’t it :), but I think you’re right on about seeing that it made sense to have a family, because without that it was just them, and that wasn’t enough.

      1. Thank you for your reply,

        My interpretation of this passage in Genesis is to have children (if you can and desire to), fill the earth with life (not exclusively human) and take care of the earth (including animals and plants), ruling over it wisely, not dominating it. I don’t think the bible is very specific with commandments in general, caveats are part of the human condition.

        Yes my comment about being bored was intended to be a little cheeky, my main point was that it was their choice…they may have taken a long time to think it through, we don’t know those details.

        The replenish and fill the earth scripture can seem animalisitc in nature (as in breeding like animals), and as Christians we are taught that we are not animals, we are unique individuals, each one special. What I am saying is that there are many different interpretations of scripture. The way I feel and think about a passage of scripture helps me with my spiritual progress, and that’s o.k I think to have a different view of the same few words.

        Unfortunately it seems as if many of the people who do abuse their children or have abortions etc. do not feel they have done wrong, or justify their actions, and instead we have more intelligent, wealthier people deciding not to parent, people who may turn out to be excellent parents. So there is an imbalance here and in my view it comes down to promiscuity, or the lack of moral behaviour on the earth.

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